Cuisine du Jour – Culinary Classes

Cuisine du Jour – Culinary Classes

Trevarrow, Inc. offers culinary training by some of the area’s top chefs. Chosen for their culinary expertise, sense of style and humor, each chef will both train and challenge you to attempt new gourmet creations for your family and friends. Our selected chefs will lecture and demonstrate on a particular topic, and the guests will watch the creation of some wonderful delicacies and enjoy the delicious results. All Cuisine du Jour classes are held in our Auburn Hills showroom.

We are thrilled to offer our classes in our Culinary Training Auditorium where you will experience the comfort of leather executive chairs in tiered seating with ample desk space, looking down on a beautiful, complete Wolf and Sub-Zero kitchen.

Please join us for a class listed below. Each class includes lecture style training, extensive printed notes and recipes, live demonstrations with up close views with our ceiling mounted cameras and large screen – and of course, tasting of the day’s culinary accomplishments.

A payment of $45 is required with your registration form in advance of each 4 hour class. Space is limited to the first registrations accompanied by the appropriate payment. Please see below for class information and contact information for registering.

“Sous Vide Cooking Techniques”

July 25th

10:00 am – 2:00 pm

The concept of sous vide cooking, French for “under vacuum”, is the process of preparing foods in a sealed container or proper sous vide bag and cooking the product in a water bath or steam environment at an accurately regulated temperature. Cooking gently at lower temperatures retains moisture and ensures that the interior of the product is evenly cooked while the outside does not become dry or overdone.

Fillets of beef cooked sous vide to “rare”, then seared quickly on a grill or under a broiler become “steak perfection”! Join us as Chef Matt Schellig, CEC, CPEC, CCE, CCA – Director of Culinary Art at Dorsey Culinary Academy demystifies this secret of the finest restaurants as we showcase the variety of ways Wolf Appliances can help you “step it up a notch”!

Chef Matt will be featuring:

  • Grits with Grilled and Sous Vide Corn served with chef demonstrated Queso Blanco
  • Grilled and Sous Vide Swordfish Tacos with Chimichurri and Garden Vegetable Pickles
  • Sweet Potatoes with Sofrito
  • Beef Bistro Tender with Sesame and Garlic served with Tri-Colored Carrots
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake


Please register as soon as possible to reserve your spot!

Call 248-377-2300 to register