Consumer Promotions

Consumer Promotions

This ASKO Distribution North America, LLC. offer is valid at participating dealers in the United States. Qualifying ASKO products are DBI663IS, DBI663ISSOF, DBI663THS, DBI663PHS, DFI663, DFI663XXL, DBI664IXXLS, DBI664IXXLSSOF, DBI664THXXLS, DBI664PHXXLS, DFI664, DFI664XXL, DFI664XXLSOF, DBI675IXXLS, DBI675THXXLS, DBI675PHXXLS, DFI675XXL, W2084W, W4114CW, W4114CT, W6124XW, T208VW, T208CW, T208HW, T411VDW, T411VDT, T411HSW, and T611VUW. All products must be delivered and installed between March 1, 2020 and September 30, 2020, using a Factory Certified Installer to qualify.

Resale Product

We have an inventory of floor models (termed ‘Resale’) available for sale. These pieces are priced based on their history and condition.

While we try to keep lists up to date, not all product may be available at this time. Products on the lists are available to see by appointment only.

All Resale product must be purchased through one of our Authorized Dealers. We are happy to assist in making those arrangements after you have seen and approved of the selected product.

Click the links to the right for the Resale Lists for the showroom nearest you!

Call 248-377-2300 for an appointment to view product on the Auburn Hills list

Call 216-362-9200 to make an appointment to view product on the Cleveland list